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Quick Tips for running Java EE 6 Tutorials in Eclipse
Universal #2
Hey all,

If you're like me and just getting started with Java EE 6, you're probably trying to follow the Java EE 6 tutorial and finding that some things aren't working.

For starters, the tutorial says to download the example code using the Update Tool for GlassFish, but the example code doesn't show up as an available option. However, following the hint given by a post on Stack Overflow, you can download the examples using Subversion from

Second, I found an important tip if you're using Eclipse instead of NetBeans to run tutorials. The first tutorial, "hello1", should be created as a "Dynamic Web Project" with the following settings:

Source folders: src/java
Context root: /hello1
Content directory: web

NOTE: Do not use spaces in the Eclipse project name! If you do, you'll get the following error after entering a name on the first page of the example:

/index.xhtml @19,43 value="#{}": Target Unreachable, identifier 'hello' resolved to null


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