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How to Redeem Shopkick Reward Certificates on
Universal #2
If you are a ShopKick user who recently redeemed "kicks" for a BestBuy loyalty certificate ($2, $5, etc), you might be wondering how you use that certificate on The truth is, it isn't very intuitive -- ShopKick was really designed around customers who come into the store to make their purchases, so it isn't integrated into BestBuy's e-commerce flow. As a result, ShopKick tells you to give the loyalty code to the cashier and provides cashier instructions for how to process it, but there isn't any place to put-in that 30 character code on

The secret is to use the loyalty code like a "RewardZone Certificate". RZ certificates can only be 10 digits, however, so enter just the last 10 digits of the ShopKick loyalty certificate into the RZ certificate box. Then, enter the expiration date from ShopKick into the expiration date box, and the value in the value box. Click "Apply" and POOF! it should be applied.

For example:

ShopKick loyalty code: 020870461800000000003001640664
Expires: 05/26/2012
Value: $2

So, you'd enter:
RZ certificate code: 3001640664
Expiration: 05/26/2012
Value: $2


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